Boegli-Gravures S.A. designs, develops and manufactures state of the art embossing tools and solutions for an exacting worldwide clientele.

Our combination of artistic vision together with engineering excellence has brought us recognition as a world leader in high-precision embossing and as an OEM supplier. The secret of our success lies in our passion for innovation and in the vision we have about your future as our customer.


In 1955, two visionary engravers establish the foundations of the family business.

Their skill lies in their ability to transpose emotions into drawings and lifelike engravings much to the delight of their first customers in the watch-making, postage stamp and jewellery industries.


In the 1970s, the company, now called Boegli-Gravures, searches for ways to diversify its customer portfolio.

The production of printing dies for a tobacco company in Neuchâtel, launches a new era that soon proves to have a potential for developing a worldwide customer base.


Charles Boegli, the founder’s son, joins the company.

He introduces a contemporary business development and marketing approach. Technical innovations such as the steel-on-steel Pin up/Pin up embossing rollers lead to the first of several international patents.


The growing scale of the business justifies the establishment of a limited liability company with Charles Boegli as managing director.

Further technical innovations follow, notably applications for the food packaging industry. The development and patenting of Self-Aligning Embossing Heads turns the company into an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of embossing heads in its own right


The company introduces a radically new invention, the Quick-Exchange Embossing Head.

This invention allows embossing rollers to be changed in just a few minutes and move from being an accessory to a fully integrated part of the production and packaging line. Through a combination of design services and technology expertise the company is now able to provide its clients with integral branding and packaging solutions.


Today, Boegli-Gravures employs close to 80 persons covering the full range of expertise.

This expertise covers from laser-driven embossing production and R&D to consulting and design services. The company is a change-leader in its sector and continues to innovate with patented artistic and technological solutions in response to strong customer demand for a variety of applications for superfine embossing structures.